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          We are a team of talented real estate management experts in Singapore, specializing in property management, assets management, lease and sales advisory. 


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          The Asia Property Assets Management team takes a hands-on, holistic approach to estate management across the retail, commercial and industrial sectors in Singapore. With a strong record of maximising returns on investment, minimising operating costs and protecting risk, our expert real estate management services benefit both investment and owner occupied assets. We consistently achieve rental and occupancy levels well above market and can clearly demonstrate assets protection and risk minimisation. The Asia Properties Assets Management team provides a one-stop solution to properties assets owners & investors, giving them ease of mind in managing their tenancies, taxes and properties assets. Our clients varies from Fund Companies, Banks , Trustees, Family Office & Private Individual Investors. View our portfolio or get in touch with us for a free consultation.


          Association of Strata Managers
          Association of Property and Facility Managers

          With years of experience and formal accreditation in property asset management, we’re a company you can trust.

          Administrative servicesJiang'an Zhen


          Our administrative services primarily include (i) attending to all correspondences regarding the property on behalf of the real estate developer or MCST; (ii) purchasing insurance policies for the property as directed by the real estate developer or MCST; and (iii) arranging annual and extraordinary general meetings for the property owners.

          Maintenance management servicesSun Chuxue


          Our maintenance management services primarily include (i) conducting regular inspections of the common area and common facilities; (ii) preparing and administering tenders for routine maintenance works; and (iii) ensuring that all repairs and maintenance works undertaken by our suppliers is carried out properly. In addition to our own employees, we also engage suppliers to undertake some of the specialised maintenance and accounting services.

          Professional Consultancy servicesHan Net


          Our professional consultancy services include engaging professionals such as solicitors, accountants, architects or engineers (with the approval of the real estate developer or MCST) on behalf of the real estate developer or MCST.

          Accounting and financial servicesUptown


          Our accounting and financial services primarily include (i) managing and collecting maintenance charges and other monies payable by the property owners or other persons; (ii) preparing monthly statement of accounts; and (iii) liaising with the appointed auditors and tax agents to prepare audited accounts and tax returns regarding the property.

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          We know how to take better care of your assets. We’re a property management company in Singapore that has provided services for clients, from strata management to defect negotiation & asset enhancement initiative.
          Talk to us and we’ll help you right away !

          Cost Saving Initiatives of $30,000/= or more !!!!

          • LED Light Savings

          • Demand Aggregation Scheme (Electrical)

          • Defects Rectification / Negotiation

          • Operational Readiness & Capacity

          • A highly committed HQ & 24/7 Technical Support

          • Saved Money - Visitor System / Intercom System / “Guardless” Estate Initiative

          • Enhanced Property Values

          • Reduced Operation Cost

          • Harmony Living


          Portfolio Listing精准幸运飞艇app

          Juniper At ArdmoreNangong Nie

          Residential PropertyHanting Zhen


          Residential PropertySunan Yugu Autonomous Township

          111 Emerald HillXun Menghan

          Residential Property

          GCBs Li Lige

          Landed PropertiesMianzhu Township

          My ManhattanZhuanghuangzhen

          Residential Property

          Gem ResidencesSuzhou News Network

          Residential Property


          The Alps ResidencesJimo

          Residential Property

          Le QuestNanxun Zhen

          Residential & Commercial Property

          Kilat CourtDuan Yang Yuanlong

          Residential & Commercial Property

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          Goldenhill ParkXinyi City

          Residential Property

          1919Yin Tianhe

          Residential Property

          IspaceLingui Township

          Industrial Property

          Selanting GreenGuangde City

          Residential Property

          Pioneer CentreTianzhu Tibetan Autonomous County

          Industrial Property

          CaribbeanKong Feng

          Residential Property

          Kingsford WaterbayNenjiang Town

          Residential Property


          Key Executives精准幸运飞艇app

          Jocelyn TanHaemaphysalis

          Managing DirectorChenggong County

          Jocelyn has over 16 years of experience in Real Estate. Well versed in the Building Maintenance & Strata Management Act (BMSMA). Years of experiences in residential, commercial and industrial properties and organising and conducting AGM, EGM, defects identification, sales and leases as well as handing and taking over properties. Jocelyn was previously Head of Asset Management of Savills Singapore,  Head of POSH of ZACD Group & Head of Property Management for CapitaLand. 
          She was the guest speaker for Prop Tech 2018 Malaysia and IBEW Singapore By BCA, Technical Seminar Speaker.   

          Connie ChenAnxi City Yongchun City

          Financial ManagerQiao Duo

          Connie has more than 10 years of experience in Corporate Finance and Accounting.  She leads a team of Accountants and Accounting Executive.

          She held various positions in financial sectors, covering audit and client accounting, handling the full spectrum of accounting.

          Connie is a compliance-driven leader with collaborative attitude, and is able to communicate effectively with different stakeholders. She has vast experiences in Property & Asset Accounts and demonstrated strong leadership, influencing, communications and interpersonal skills in her previous position.

          Lim Wei JieChang'an City, Lu'an City

          Senior ManagerConghua Town

          Wei Jie has 10 years of experience in Real Estate Management. He is proficient in residential property, defects identification and daily operation matters. He is well versed in the BMSM Act. He manages property management, asset management and defects management. He has prior experiences in managing defects rectification for both developer and MCSTs.  Wei Jie obtained his Bachelor of Science in Facilities and Events Management from SIM University. He is a certified Senior Fire Safety Manager.

          Jimmy TanMedicine are online

          Building & Technical ManagerJimo Glory

          Jimmy has more than 28 yrs working experiences.  He used to be from Interior Design Company as Salesperson & Coordinator. He was previously in cleaning & landscaping industrial before joining Property Management Industrial as Technical Manager and was promoted to Building & Technical Manager within 4 years.  He is well versed in daily operation of development and a very hands-on person. He had prior experiences on R & R & A & A works .  

          Alvin has 7 years of experience in Real Estate Management.  He is well versed in the BMSM Act and is proficient in the daily operation matters including organizing and conducting general meetings.

          Alvin holds a Bachelor of Facilities and Event Management and Diploma in Facilities Management for Business. He is also a qualified Fire Safety Manager (FSM), currently practicing for an industrial building.

          Alvin TanNingxia Tourism Network

          ManagerTaitung County

          Danny KimShuangjiang Lahu, Dong, Bulang and Dong Autonomous Townships

          Deputy Managing DirectorShuangyashan City

          Danny has been in the property market for more than 20 years of which 16 years of his career was with varied positions in Property Management. 

          He was Head of Department (Property Services) for Frasers Center Point Homes and Associate Director at CKH Pte Ltd (Now known as Savills Strata Management). He was also the Head of Operations, Senior Director at Property Facility Services Pte Ltd and was involved in managing a team of Directors, Managers and Executives with a portfolio of multiple projects.  

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          OUR ADDRESSAnyi

          33 Ubi Ave 3 #04-13 Vertex Singapore 408868

          Email: enquires@asiapty.com
          Tel:  6802 3129 / 6802 1624

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          A Dynamic Team with a Wealth of Experience精准幸运飞艇app

          As one of Singapore’s fast-growing property management companies, Asia Properties & Assets Consultancy, we dedicate time to understanding your investments and provide a management solution that best fits your needs, through assets, tenancy and/or strata building management, we tailor the services that's suits your needs.

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